Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

In the vast expanse of the United States, Alaska stands apart with its unique approach.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) program, established in 1982, has become integral to Alaskan life. 

This blog will explore all the legal aspects of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend and how it intersects with wills and estate planning.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Program

The Alaska Permanent Fund, initially created as a savings account for revenue generated from oil and mineral resources, has grown significantly over the years. 

The PFD program, funded by the earnings of the Permanent Fund, distributes annual dividends to eligible Alaskan residents. 

To be eligible for a PFD, one must meet residency requirements and intend to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely.

Legal Implications For Estate Planning

The legal implications are:

Inclusion In The Estate: 

The value of an individual’s PFD, both received and anticipated, is considered an asset and may be included in their estate

This has implications for estate taxes and the distribution of assets as per the individual’s will.

Beneficiary Designation: 

A person receiving a PFD can designate beneficiaries who will receive their PFD in the event of their death. 

This is a crucial aspect of estate planning, allowing individuals to pass their PFD benefits to their chosen heirs or charitable organizations.

PFD As A Source Of Income: 

For many Alaskan residents, the PFD represents a significant source of income.

When drafting a will, it is essential to consider how the loss of this income may impact dependents and plan accordingly to ensure financial stability for beneficiaries.

Estate Tax Considerations: 

Alaska is one of the few states in the U.S. that does not impose a state-level income tax. 

However, consulting with an estate planning attorney is vital to understanding the federal and state tax implications.

Guardianship For Minors: 

If you have minor children eligible to receive a PFD, your will should include provisions for the appointment of a guardian.

Trusts And PFDs: 

Establishing a trust can be a useful strategy for managing PFDs as part of your estate plan. 

A trust can provide specific instructions for how PFD funds will be used, ensuring they serve your intended purpose.

Legal Requirements For Inheritance

In the event of a person’s passing will be subject to Alaska’s probate laws and any instructions provided in their will. 

It’s crucial to keep the following legal requirements in mind:

Valid Will: 

A legally valid will is necessary to ensure your wishes regarding distributing your PFD and other assets are followed.

Consult an attorney to draft or update your will to reflect your intentions accurately.

Executor Appointment: 

Designating an executor in your will is essential

This person will be responsible for managing the estate.

This includes handling your PFD and ensuring it reaches the intended beneficiaries.

Probate Process: 

PFDs, like other assets, may go through the probate process unless they are held in a trust or have designated beneficiaries

The probate process can be time-consuming, so careful planning is essential to minimize these effects.

Example 1: The Educational Opportunity Fund


Lisa, a devoted educator, wanted to leave a lasting impact on her community and believed strongly in the power of education.

She wanted to establish an educational opportunity fund using her Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend to benefit deserving students in her hometown.

Will Provision:

“I bequeath my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend to establish ‘The Lisa Educational Opportunity Fund.’ The fund shall provide scholarships and educational support to financially challenged students in my hometown, encouraging them to pursue higher education and also achieve their dreams.”

Example 2: The Animal Welfare Trust


David, an avid animal lover, spent much of his life advocating for the welfare of animals. He wanted to ensure that even after his passing, he could contribute to the well-being of animals in his community.

Will Provision:

I direct that my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend be used to establish ‘The David Animal Welfare Trust.‘ The trust shall be utilized to support animal shelters, rescue organizations, and initiatives to care for and protect animals within this community.

Example 3: The Nature Conservation Fund


A passionate environmentalist, Emma advocated for protecting nature and preserving natural habitats. She wanted to continue supporting environmental causes, particularly in her beloved Alaska.

Will Provision:

“I devise my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend to create ‘The Emma Nature Conservation Fund.’ The fund shall finance conservation projects, promote sustainable practices, and preserve the pristine beauty of Alaska’s natural landscapes for generations to come.”

Incorporating one’s Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend into a will to establish trusts or funds for specific causes or interests allows individuals to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy.